5 Things you can do to improve the look of your luxury apartment

Creating a luxurious ambiance within your apartment is a dream many of us share. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a huge budget or professional interior designers. Following these five simple steps, you can transform your living space into a haven of modern luxury

Plan Your Space for Ultimate Elegance

One of the foundational aspects of achieving a luxurious appearance is thoughtful space planning. This step lays the groundwork for a harmonious and functional design. Consider how you’ll use each area and then proceed with renovations accordingly. Create a layout that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Begin with larger furniture pieces that will form the core of each room. Subsequently, select decor and finishing touches that contribute to the overall look without overwhelming the senses.In living rooms, establish focal points such as accent walls or fireplaces. These elements draw attention and serve as the starting point for your design journey.


Pro Tip- Textiles and textures can work wonders in bedrooms. Think plush rugs, velvet cushions, and luxurious curtains. These simple additions can turn a mundane bedroom into a glam retreat.

Incorporate Modern Technology for Convenience

Modern luxury isn’t just about appearance; it’s also about enhancing your quality of life. Embrace technology that elevates your living experience. These innovations, from smart appliances controlled via your phone to sensor-controlled lighting, make your apartment opulent and efficient. Smart technology brings convenience to your fingertips, making daily tasks smoother and more enjoyable.

Add a Touch of Glitz with Metals and Fabrics

Luxurious metals like gold, silver, and copper can elevate the opulence of your interiors. Complement these metals with sumptuous fabrics like velvet and silk to create a glamorous look. However, exercise restraint to avoid an overpowering effect. 


Pro Tip-Gilded metal accents bring an air of sophistication. Pairing with plush velvet or delicate silk produces a lavish, visually pleasing aesthetic.

Explore Rich Colors for Extravagance

Certain colors have long been associated with opulence. Deep hues like dark green, purple, and maroon evoke feelings of nobility and extravagance. Incorporating these shades through statement walls or luxurious fabrics can instantly elevate your apartment’s ambiance.


Pro Tip- Dark green exudes elegance and regality. Incorporate this color strategically through walls or furnishings for a touch of luxury that echoes through history.

Use Lighting to Craft an Ambience

Lighting is a powerful tool for creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere. Implement different lighting options to suit various times of the day. Accent lights can highlight corners of your apartment, showcasing statement pieces and enhancing the overall opulence.

Invest in High-End Furniture for a Complete Look

Invest in high-end furniture pieces to truly enhance your apartment’s luxury appearance. These signature items provide both visual appeal and comfort, elevating your living space to the pinnacle of opulence.Their intricate detailing and top-notch craftsmanship contribute to an overall atmosphere of luxury.


Achieving a luxury appearance requires thoughtful planning, incorporating glitz with metals and fabrics, exploring rich colors, using lighting strategically, and investing in high-end furniture.

Incorporate modern technology such as smart appliances and sensor-controlled lighting to enhance convenience and elevate your apartment’s quality of life.

Colors like dark green, purple, and maroon have historical associations with luxury and extravagance. Integrating these hues into your design can instantly transform your space.

By strategically using different lighting options, you can create a luxurious atmosphere that captures attention.

High-end furniture pieces provide both visual appeal and comfort, serving as the defining elements of a luxurious living space.

Absolutely! While investing in certain key aspects is essential, creative use of colors, fabrics, and accessories can help create a luxurious atmosphere even on a budget.

Elevating the luxury appearance of your apartment can be a manageable budget. Planning your space, adding glitz with metals and fabrics, exploring rich colors, utilizing lighting, and investing in high-end furniture can create a lavish haven that exudes modern luxury. Transform your living space into a retreat that reflects opulence, style, and comfort. OsianDiya’’s prestigious Estrella 45 Baner and Osian Divino project is a testament to the exquisite design and thoughtful planning. With its spacious layout and impeccable branded fixtures, this project sets the stage for a life of elegance and comfort. Choosing Osian Divino is akin to having half the work done – your quest for opulent living begins here.

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