Healthy Living: Fitness Facilities in 3 BHK Flats near Gultekdi Chowk at Osian Divino

3 BHK Flats near Gultekdi Chowk at Osian Divino

Introducing Osian Divino, a forthcoming residential project situated in Salisbury Park. Developed by the esteemed Osian Diya Group, renowned for their five-decade legacy of delivering quality homes on time, 3 bhk flats for sale in Gultekdi Chowk at Osian Divino is set to redefine luxury living in Pune. This under-construction project offers a range of 2, 3, and 4 BHK homes meticulously designed to optimize space and comfort for residents. With its prime location and dedication to superior quality, Osian Divino ensures a blend of serenity and contemporary living.

Modern Amenities at Osian Divino near Gultekdi Chowk

Moving on to the amenities offered at 3 bhk flats near Gultekdi Chowk in Osian Divino, residents can look forward to a plethora of facilities designed to enhance their lifestyle. From a well-equipped gym to a dedicated toddler play area and indoor games room, there’s something for everyone. By providing easy access to such facilities, Osian Divino aims to elevate its residents’ overall quality of life, encouraging them to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

Benefits of Health Amenities

Residents of 3 BHK flats near Gultekdi Chowk at Osian Divino can reap numerous advantages from the fitness facilities provided. Regular exercise not only enhances cardiovascular health and muscle strength but also reduces stress levels and improves sleep quality. By offering a gym on-site, Osian Divino promotes physical activity, enabling residents to prioritize their health conveniently. Additionally, this amenity encourages a healthier lifestyle within the community, fostering habits like balanced diet and sufficient sleep. The convenience of having a gym within the property saves residents time and eliminates the need for an extra commute, making it easier to maintain a fitness routine. Moreover, it proves economical as residents can access high-quality equipment without additional costs, compared to gym memberships or purchasing fitness equipment. Furthermore, the exclusive nature of a property gym provides residents with a private and personalized workout experience, avoiding the crowds and distractions often found in commercial gyms.


Osian Divino is more than just a residential complex; it’s a lifestyle destination where luxury meets convenience. With its thoughtfully designed homes and a wide range of amenities, Osian Divino offers residents the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and well-being. Whether it’s unwinding in the gym after a long day or spending quality time with family in the play area, there’s something for everyone at Osian Divino. Experience the epitome of modern living at Osian Divino – your dream home awaits!

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