Why is booking a home during the festive season
considered auspicious?

Why is booking a home during the festive season considered auspicious?

In India, festivals hold a special place in people’s hearts, and they are often associated with prosperity, luck, and happiness. This sentiment extends to the realm of real estate, where property buyers eagerly await auspicious occasions to make one of life’s most significant decisions – buying a home. Likewise, developers in India strategically choose the festive season to launch their magnificent projects. This synchronization of buyer sentiment and developer strategy during festivals creates a win-win situation for both parties involved.. Let’s explore why booking a home during the festive season is considered auspicious.


  • In India, festivals carry immense significance, especially when it comes to making important life decisions.
  • Just as buyers consider the festive season an auspicious time to invest in new ventures, developers also find it appropriate to launch new projects during this time.


  • Builders often offer attractive incentives to lure homebuyers during the festive season.
  • These incentives may include cash discounts on the property, freebies such as health club memberships, vouchers for charge-free amenities, travel passes, and more.
  • The combination of the festive season and these lucrative offers makes it an attractive time for homebuyers to invest in residential property.


  • While the deals and discounts are enticing, they are typically available for a limited time only.
  • This scarcity adds urgency to the decision-making process, motivating buyers to seize the opportunity without delay.


  • Several banks and housing finance companies offer favourable interest rates on home loans.
  • These festival-specific loan offers vary from bank to bank, so it’s essential for buyers to compare offers and interest rates.
  • Locking in the most advantageous interest rate during the festive season can be a strategic move to make that dream home purchase a reality.


In India, the tradition of associating festivals with prosperity and good fortune extends to the real estate market. Both property buyers and developers recognize the auspiciousness of the festive season. For buyers, it’s a time of attractive discounts, freebies, and favorable home loan deals. For developers, it’s an opportunity to launch new projects and see a surge in bookings. So, if you’ve been contemplating buying your dream home, consider doing so during the festive season – a time when tradition, sentiment, and practicality converge to make your home buying journey truly auspicious.

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