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Why Pune?

  1. No.1 City : Government of India ranked Pune no.1 in ‘ease of living’ rankings. The survey, which was measured on the keynotes of transportation, social infrastructure, ecology presence, and more, helped Pune gain the topmost position due to its mint state.

  2. Pune’s sustained growth : Although Pune came into the spotlight as India’s new ‘IT city’, it’s grown to be much more. MNCs across sectors – automotive, information tech, biotech, FMCG, food – are expanding their presence across the city which is enhancing the economy cycle.

  3. Proximity to Mumbai : Pune’s proximity to the financial capital of India – Mumbai, adds more value to its existence. Gradually, working professionals are choosing to settle down in Pune for its proximity to Mumbai clubbed with various other comforts.

  4. Infrastructure development : A part of India’s ambitious ‘Smart Cities’ project, Pune has good quality social infrastructure, renowned educational institutions, and easy connectivity to major cities.

NRI Policy

We understand the unique requirements of our NRI clients, and our dedicated team of experts is here to assist you with all real estate-related knowledge and procedures. Share your requirements with us, and we will provide you tailormade solutions.

As an NRI, when purchasing a property in India, you will need the following documents:

  • A power of attorney in the name of someone in India who can legally and financially represent you.
  • Your PAN Card.
  • In case your PAN card is not available, a copy of your passport can be provided.
  • An NRE or NRO account through which you can transact with the builder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A- An NRI is an individual who is a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin residing outside India for employment, business, or other purposes.

A- PIO refers to a Person of Indian Origin who is a foreign citizen of Indian origin or ancestry.

A- NRIs, PIOs, and foreign nationals with certain exceptions are eligible to purchase immovable property in India.

A- NRIs and PIOs can acquire agricultural land, plantation property, or farmhouses in India with specific restrictions.

A- Yes, NRIs can acquire commercial properties in India without any restrictions.

A- Yes, NRIs can acquire commercial properties in India without any restrictions.